Called Ciudad de los Portales (portales being the roofed walkways lining many storefronts), Alamos is famous for its outstanding colonial architecture: cobbled streets, arches, patios, and interior gardens are an unforgettable trip into the past. Moreover, Alamos is located in a truly unique hotspot of biodiversity, many Golden Eagles call the Sierra de Alamos their home. And befitting such a notable town are notable personalities: tenor Alfonso Ortiz, composer Arturo Marquez, actress Maria Felix, and the one and only Doña all hail from Alamos.


  • Enjoying sunset from the Cerro del Perico overlook.
  • Witness the deer dance (Mazoyiwua) presentation.
  • Visit La Aduana, the old mine ruins, and the Balvanera Church.
  • Get to know Hacienda de los Santos and take a stroll through its gardens and patios.
  • Visit the Sierra de Alamos–Rio Cuchujaqui Reserve and the areas around this Magical Town.


  • The Alfonso Ortiz Tirado International Festival at the end of January.
  • Virgen of La Balvanera Celebrations from November 20th to 25th.
  • Immaculate Conception Patron Saint Festivities, the first week in December.
  • The Alamos Magico International Cinema Festival in April.

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