This great town, famous for its mining past, can be found in the Sierra Madre Oriental of Michoacan. The name indicates the geographical features of its location and has several meanings: “town between mountains”, “entrance to the cave”, “very high thing” and “in the forest”. It is one of the fortunate spots chosen by the Monarch butterfly as a sanctuary, so during certain months of the year its skies are filled with the beating of golden wings.


  • Watch the sunset from one of the observation points around the town
  • Visit the Monarch Butterfly Reserve from mid-November to mid-March
  • Visit the Museo Tunel Casa Parker
  • Try the barbacoa de borrego, the mole de guajalote, the corundas and the local fruit liqueurs.


  • Monarch Butterfly Festival in February and March
  • Day of the Cross, May 3
  • Miner’s Day, July 11
  • Feast Day of Patron Saint Simon, October 28
  • Feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8
  • Monday street market

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