As the setting of many historical events, this region has a lot to offer

As the capital of the state of Quintana Roo, Chetumal has been the setting of many crucial historical events, ranging from the fall of the Mayan empire to the start of the Spanish conquest. Its territory comprises archeological sites, natural wells, rivers, lagoons, jungle and a unique flora and fauna. It also has beaches of soft white sand and turquoise sea. This is the Grand Mayan Coast.

Situated at the edge of the Caribbean Sea coastline, in the Yucatan Peninsula, Chetumal (from the Mayan “Chactemal”, meaning a place where tress grow red) is a place where modern history, nature and pre-Hispanic cultures come together.

Its proximity to Belize makes it an important city in the region, since it is a key point for trade between Mexico and Central America, separated only by the river Hondo.

Chetumal has a very rich flora and fauna, which can be appreciated in its different communities, through museums popular both with international and national tourists. The culture and traditions that prevail among the locals have strong Mayan influences. Visiting this privileged land can therefore be like having a time travel experience.

When following Chetumal’s “water paths”, such as the flow of the River Hondo, you will be able to visit the Chetumal Bay, get to the Bacalar lagoon or enjoy the beauty of the mangroves at Xcalak, the last town in the region, heading towards Belize.

Only a century old, Chetumal is a young city, still somewhat unknown among tourists. However, those who come here will find many attractions, such as archeological site, nature reserves, museums and monuments, which added to the cultural and historical characteristics of the area, making this city a destination abundant in fun and culture.


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