Due to its financial growth this city has become a great destination, offering nature and culture

Ciudad Victoria, the capital of Tamaulipas, was founded in 1750 under the name of Villa de Santa María del Refugio de Aguayo. Nowadays, it has become an industrial tourist destination, with strong financial growth.

Yet Ciudad Victoria is not a mere business or industrial destination. Its geographic position places it at a strategic point for travelers wanting to do ecotourism, to see how the Huastec indigenous people live, or to visit the Tammapul Pyramid or the fossils at the Mammoth Valley in Xicotencatl.

It is worth walking through the city and visiting some of the historic buildings, such as the Cathedral, the Government Palace and the Municipal Palace.

Those with an environmental spirit are also welcome at Ciudad Victoria. Places like the Tamatan Recreational Park, with its zoo and artificial lakes surrounded by nature, or the more didactic Planetarium at the Recreational and Cultural Park Siglo XXI, turn a family day out into a memorable experience.

If you want to be part of the activities related to folk culture, then you will have to leave the city and visit places such as El Chorrito, the most visited religious sanctuary in northern Mexico and the south of Texas. People come here to pray to the Lady of Chorrito, found within a waterfall and surrounded by thick jungle flora.

As with any other part of Mexico, you cannot miss out on sampling the local cuisine. Ciudad Victoria is a destination which has been able to make the most of the ingredients caught at sea in the Gulf of Mexico, not far from here. In addition, the traditional recipes of the Huastec communities seem to hide their culinary secrets in the mountains; their dishes are complemented by excellent cuts of meat.


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