Jalisco’s virgin beaches combine beauty and privacy

A road trip along the virgin beaches in the state of Jalisco is an experience that will delight any traveler. Costalegre, Mexico, sometimes called the “Beautiful Coast,” is a Jaliscan tourist route that crosses the coasts of Navidad Bay, Tenacatita Bay, Costa Careyes, Chamela Bay, Costa Majahuas, and Cabo Corrientes. It has become a favorite with tourists who want to commune with nature without sacrificing comfort.

Designed to offer magical vacations on sea-facing cliffs, exclusive eco-hotels, and golf courses surrounded by tropical jungle, Costalegre is the ideal spot for visitors who want to combine beauty and privacy. It is often called the “Mexican Riviera” because of its exclusive location, playground of jetsetters, and its untouched landscape.

This tourist destination boasts 60 miles of placid beaches and is located between the port of Manzanillo, Colima, and Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Tourists may rent cars to visit Costa Careyes, El Tamarindo, Las Alamandas, Isla Navidad, Barra de Navidad, Tenacatita, Chamela, and Perula, the towns with the most famous resorts and the most interesting beaches.

Tenacatita Bay is known as one of the very few places where you can watch the sun rise and set on the sea during winter. On one end of the bay, upscale resort hotels can be found; but around the bay’s point there is the little village of Tenacatita for those who really want to get away from it all.

Costa Careyes is a 4,000-acre resort south of Puerto Vallarta, which because of its controlled development, remains largely hidden and pristine. One beachfront restaurant services the resort, and there is no nightlife to speak of. Most people come here to just relax, but for those with more energy, there is fishing, hiking, horseback riding, tennis, golf, and assorted watersports.

Costalegre’s cuisine is an additional treat. The Mexican dishes, especially fish and seafood, are prepared with the freshest ingredients. Many hotels cultivate most of the fruits and vegetables they use for their guests’ consumption onsite. These lucky tourists may enjoy their meals in a totally natural environment, surrounded by palm trees and a view of the ocean.

There are two options for touring Costalegre. The first is to take Highway 80, which connects the town of Acatlan de Juarez with Barra de Navidad from the southeast. This highway passes through towns and small cities with tourist attractions in the Quila, Ardillas, Manantlan, and Perote Sierras. The second option is to travel Highway 200, which follows the state’s southern coast, and is full of tropical landscapes.


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