Home to rivers and parks, this city is a synonym for growth

Culiacan is the beautiful capital of the state of Sinaloa, and is known as the “Garden City of Mexico” for its numerous green areas and the three rivers that irrigate its surroundings: the Humaya, the Tamazula and the Culiacan itself. This city stands out for its commitment to social development and to ecology; it is also the home of the Agricultural Exhibition. Without a doubt, it is one of the country’s leading destinations.

The state capital is also surrounded by a number of small villages where all kinds of exciting activities can be enjoyed, such as the Parque de las Riberas,, which combines adventure with relaxation, with a an impressive zip-line that crosses the river, and places to take a photo-safari. Rappelling, meanwhile, is available at nearby Sanalona, or you can explore the Parque Isla Orabá where majestic green giants freshen the air that visitors breathe.

This destination is also home to cultural venues that reveal the history of a place suffused with tradition. Several exhibition open their doors to visitors in places such as the Regional Museum, the Chino Billetero House-Museum and the Sinaloa Science Center – just a few of the best.

To get to know this enigmatic place, you can also wander its streets and admire the duality of the architecture, which moves between colonial and modernist in style. Sites around the city that bear witness to this fact include the Garmendia market, the Acueducto del Oriente and the Fuentes Danzarinas (“Dancing Fountains”).

The best spots to enjoy nature to the fullest and spend time with the family, proving Culiacan to be one of Mexico’s star destinations, include Punta Quevedo, Navolato and the Parque Constitución.

This venerable city still preserves its cultural wealth and its traditions, as can be seen in its festivities and pilgrimages, its churches and its handicrafts. However, the cuisine deserves a mention all its own, as it is here that famed dishes such as chilorio were created. It is enough to visit the Bacurimi culinary route to sample a local delicacy in one of its many establishments.


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