In the state of Colima, the beach is a tranquil, multi-faceted star

Captivating underwater scenes and an array of charming bays are Manzanillo’s biggest attractions. Where is Manzanillo, Mexico? Located just 55 miles south of Colima and capital of the state with the same name, Manzanillo is located at the foot of the Sierra Madre mountains and is one of Mexico’s most beautiful beach destinations.

This  region offers luxury tourist facilities and is recognized as the heart of the Rivera Dorada. Spectacular views of the Manzanillo port hotels, with their Mediterranean Moorish and pre-Hispanic architecture, are framed by the beautiful natural landscape.

This destination is distinguished by its leisurely pace. Begin a pleasant horseback ride on the winding forest trails, cross the pristine beaches, and discover the hidden secrets of the Sierra Madre mountains.

There are many facets to Manzanillo’s status as a world-class sea and sun resort, but deep sea fishing put it on the map and is the reason behind its development.

Fish are so abundant and the experience so pleasant that since 1954 Manzanillo’s ability to cater to sport fishermen has earned it worldwide recognition. A passionate American fisherman, Leroy H. Dorsey, created the first marlin tournament, and three years later Manzanillo was dubbed the “Sailfish Capital of the World.”

There is, of course, more to Manzanillo than fishing. Visitors can enjoy water sports such as diving, snorkeling, water skiing, and jet skiing from the beaches of San Pedrito, Las Brisas, Roca del Elefante, Azul, Salagua, Santiago, Olas Altas, Miramar, and La Boquita.

Manzanillo’s city center offers other activities. The main garden with its bandstand invites visitors to take a stroll and view the architecture, before or after a glass of tuba or palm wine, a delicious local drink made from palm sap.

Another option is a romantic promenade along the sea where visitors to Manzanillo can watch the cruise ships moving up and down the coast. Manzanillo is the recognized starting point for cruises along the entire Mexican Pacific Coast.


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