A fascinating state thanks to its multiculturalism and impressive natural beauty

The dynamic culture of Nayarit, which weaves together ancient ethnic traditions, colonial influences and modern trends, offers visitors to the state a unique experience at every turn.

The marvelous climate means the beaches of Nayarit can be visited and enjoyed all year round. The Nayarit coast, washed by the Pacific Ocean, is one of striking beauty. Here you can relax, enjoy the rich and unusual cuisine and try out a multitude of water sports. The hospitality of these beaches also extends to some of the largest animals in the world: humpbacked and gray whales.

The state’s rivers and mountains transform the experience of the outdoors into myriad opportunities for enjoying the landscape, flora and fauna as well as different ways to have fun and to relax.

The legacy of the earliest inhabitants of the region deserves its own mention. The Indigenous Nayarit people are known for their character, strength and love of their roots. The Huichol and Cora traditions predominate, and run through every aspect of Nayarit culture. Their descendants, faithful to their roots and pre-Hispanic customs, contribute a pagan and mystical touch to any religious occasion that visitors find fascinating.

A rainbow of colors and flavors illuminates the state in every sense. The roads are full of both, as is the folk culture. Nayarit boasts some of the most talented artisans in the nation. Their imagination, talent and creativity is reflected in fine works in wood, weaving, basketwork and many other techniques.

In this way Nayarit reveals itself to be a state with many faces, every one of them beautiful and distinct, but always full of warmth, waiting eagerly to be discovered and recognized by the curious traveler hungry for adventure.

Climate: Warm, semi-humid and temperate semi-humid
Temperature: 77°F / 25°C annual average
Location: Pacific coast, western Mexico
Area: 10,739 sq miles
Capital: Tepic

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