From Magical Villages to industrial cities, this state is all about diversity
Escudo_Nuevo_Leon_cd_macroplazaNuevo Leon, located in the northern part of Mexico, has a well developed infrastructure and contains one of the fastest growing cities with one of the highest standards of living: Monterrey.

Here visitors can find a wide array of options for entertainment, culture and having a good time. There are places for learning and living the region’s past as well as areas for extreme sports and spending time with the family.

Nuevo Leon’s magic comes from these great contrasts, since visitors can enjoy the allure of large, first-rate cities or the charm of historic small villages.

Such is the case with the Pueblo Mágico (“Magical Village”) of Santiago, an area of rest and repose favored by locals. It offers all visitors the beauty of its streets, a warm climate, rich cuisine and an atmosphere of peace. Thousands of foreigners also visit this locale every year in search of places to explore outside the big city.

But that is not all there is to Nuevo Leon: there are also archeological sites such as Boca de Potrerillos, an ancient ceremonial site filled with over 3,000 cave paintings and petroglyphs.

From there it is easy to enter the Cañón de Potrerillos, a canyon teeming with vegetation that affords magnificent views sure to delight all photography enthusiasts and extreme outdoorsmen. This canyon is an ideal spot for zip-lining, hiking, camping, horseback riding, rappelling and boating, along with other notable places in the state such as Cerro Peña Nevada, Pozo del Gavilán, the Presa el Cuchillo reservoir and the famous Cerro de la Silla (Saddle Mountain).

A perfect way to round out a visit to this state is through sampling the exquisite traditional dishes, which are famous and influential in the national cuisine. Famous local recipes include cabrito (baby goat), machaca (pounded fillets) and glorias (a traditional sweet made of milk and nuts). Each dish offers flavors and textures that are sure to delight tourists.

Before going home, visitors must be sure to buy a souvenir to remind themselves of their stay in this wonderful state. Artistic works made out of sculpted wood, pottery, leather and blown glass are among the best known and most beautiful items available.

Climate:  Arid and semi-arid
Average Temperature:  68° F/20° C
Location:  Northern Mexico
Area:  39,904 sq miles
Capital:  Monterrey


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