El Chico National Park and the Basaltic Prisms are one with the capital

Pachuca, Hildalgo, capital of the state, is the financial and cultural heart of the Hidalgo region. Founded in 1598, its name is said to come from the word Patlachiuhacan, meaning “place of gold and silver.” Distinguished by beautiful colonial and modern architecture, it is considered to be one of the loveliest places in Mexico.

Located a little more than 60 miles north of Mexico City, Hidalgo’s capital city is the getaway for those looking for dreamy landscapes, rich culture, nature, and comfort, including road journeys to discover the legendary architecture of the Pulque Haciendas. These nineteenth century grand haciendas were dedicated to the production of pulque. A traditional drink considered sacred by the Aztecs, it is made from the fermented sap of maguey plants. The Hacienda San Lorenzo and Hacienda de San Bartolome Tepetates are especially worth visiting.  

Not far from Pachuca are numerous ecotourism options. These include El Chico National Park, the Basaltic Prisms at San Miguel Regla, the Marmoles National Park, the ravine of the Rio Moctezuma, and many hot spring resorts in the Mezquital valley. Also nearby is the impressive archeological site of Tula, built by the Toltec-Chichimecas.

Pachuca was strongly influenced by Cornish miners who arrived here from England in the nineteenth century to extract gold and silver. In fact, the twin silver mining settlements of Pachuca and Real del Monte are being marketed as “Mexico’s Little Cornwall.”

For sports lovers, it’s interesting to note that the Cornish brought two important sports with them, soccer and golf. Soon after their arrival, they created the first soccer teams and a golf course. The local soccer team, Tuzo Pachuca, is one of the most successful clubs in Mexico.

Bars, nightclubs, restaurants, alternative and business tourism, camping, and museums are some of the many attractions available to visitors wishing to discover the wonders of Mexico and the charm of Pachuca, in particular.


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