I am crazy about the history of pirates and so had to go to Palizada, a river settlement of low houses with the unusual characteristic of roofs with French tiles. These tiles tell about the town’s past: buccaneers used them as ballast in their ships and traded them for trunks of logwood, a precious wood sold in Europe for use in making dyes.

Palizada, Campeche, Mexico

Don’t Miss –


  • Eating a Manila mango: the area is an important producer of the fruit.
  • Trying freshwater gar, a dish that isn’t available in many other places.
  • Eating a cinnamon churro from the vendors outside the church.
  • Taking a trip to Laguna de Terminos on the Palizada River.


  • The traditional Carnaval before Lent.
  • The Day of the Dead in November.


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