Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or just looking for a quiet place to kick back, Puerto Escondido is the place you want to be

At of the end of a mountain range snaking through Oaxaca, Mexico, and down to the Pacific Ocean lies the coastal resort of Puerto Escondido, 180 miles from the state capital.

The bay and a group of gigantic rock formations divide the town. On one side is Bacocho, where imposing Puerto Escondido hotels shelter visitors from hectic urban buzz. On the other is  Zicatela, a vibrant action-packed beach with a cosmopolitan atmosphere that attracts surfers and other tourists from around the world, especially Europe. Many come to conquer the resort’s famous waves.

A stroll along the beach provides the chance to enjoy the spectacular performances of surfers dancing across the crests of colossal waves. According to experts, Puerto Escondido is among the ten best surfing sites on the planet.

At nightfall, it’s party time in Puerto Escondido. The pedestrian area known as El Adoquín transforms into a fashion parade as visitors slip from bar to club illuminated by neon lights that stay on until dawn.

But there’s more to Puerto Escondido than its fearsome waves and fabulous nightlife. The area surrounding the bay has a wealth of natural wonders.

Just 20 minutes north of Puerto Escondido, on the banks of the Manialtepec lagoon, visitors can rent a kayak or motor boat and head out into the ocean to enjoy the resort’s stunning scenery from another perspective. Alternatively, if looking for an authentic ethnic experience, visit the communities nearby and learn a little of their customs.

A great place to visit is Mazunte, a small village whose inhabitants have dedicated themselves to protecting the natural environment. They invite visitors to explore their spectacular habitat on foot, on horseback, or by rowboat and get to know the Oaxaca fauna in total freedom.

Famous among young Mexicans, the beach is also home to the Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga, a turtle sanctuary that shelters specimens of every marine and land turtle species found in Mexico.

Closer to Puerto Escondido, just 15 minutes away, is Ventanilla. This exotic ecological reserve is a tourist attraction for families wanting to explore the imposing rock formations that dominate the beach, spend time getting to know the indigenous community, and maybe even watch baby turtles hatch in the moonlight.

The longer you stay here, the harder it gets to leave this area’s natural grandeur. The dense vegetation and the uncrowded, at times almost inaccessible, spaces make this a true paradise of tranquility.


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