Escudo_PTO_PN_Ecoturismo_Ac_ecotourismprovLeading ecological and tourist developments blend with the unrivaled beauty of Sonora’s beaches

The entrancing geography of Rocky Point (also known as Puerto Peñasco) enfolds travelers in its grasp, and when it’s time to let them go, the visitors take with them memories of exquisite craftsmanship, marine adventure, and unspoiled forest.

One of Sonora’s 72 municipalities, Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, is on the state’s northwest coast, where it lies between the gentle waves of the Sea of Cortez on one side and undulating desert dunes on the other. Its other name, Rocky Point, is due to its closeness to the United States, a geographical fact that makes for a fascinatingly diverse cultural experience.

Its geographical diversity can be seen in the Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve, an attraction for nature lovers from all over the globe, who come to feast their eyes on the remarkable craters that are this landscape’s signature feature.

One of the treasures of Rocky Point is the San Jorge Bay and Island, an otherworldly creation of twisting rock where the paths wind off into unknown adventures.

Adventure seekers with a preference for water have plenty of opportunity for surfing and scuba diving, or spending some time observing the sea lions. These marine animals have, after generations of contact with humans, lost their fear of visitors to such an extent that Puerto Peñasco can now boast of living alongside them more closely than any other place in Mexico.

Tourism and fishing are the two primary industries here. While there are many varieties of indigenous fish to be caught, the famous totoaba fish is now off limits. Formerly abundant, this fish is on the endangered species list. The juvenile stages of this fish reside in the Colorado delta on the U.S. side, while the adult breeding population lives for most of the year in the middle of the Sea of Cortez, migrating to the delta in spring to spawn.

This legendary site was first settled by the Pápagos people, famed for their coritas, small wooden figures highly valued among visitors who want to share in the essential spirit of Puerto Peñasco.

Walking around the port, the visitor is submerged in the culture and by the beauty of its traditional buildings, especially the churches. On the outskirts of the town the majesty of the surrounding desert provides an awe-inspiring backdrop for sandboarding and cycling.

A visit to Rocky Point is a gift beyond price, filled with adventure and excitement. Once experienced, the gentle caress of its waves, the alluring aromas of its sizzling seafood, and the genuine warmth of its people are never to be forgotten.


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