Capital of Coahuila, a city of traditions, natural beauty and progress

The city of Saltillo, capital of the state of Coahuila, is just 56 miles southwest of Monterrey, in a warm and semi-dry environment.

Saltillo has the privilege of being a big metropolis yet retaining a rich cultural tradition. It is known as the “Athens of Mexico” for the number of prominent intellectuals born here during the 20th century.

Saltillo is a colonial city with a strong mestizo – or mixed race – influence, the product of mixing between the Basque conquistadors and a group of Tlaxcaltecs who came with them at the time of the city’s founding in 1577.

A nice example of the cultural encounter between Europeans and the Mesoamericans is the famous blankets which come from Saltillo. The blankets are woven with strips of bright colors with designs that incorporate colonial and pre-Hispanic themes.

Despite being one of the most industrialized areas of the country, Saltillo has a historic center worthy of admiration, full of Baroque and Neo-classical architecture.

The city has many streams, parks and squares, making it a perfect place to go off for a wander, that way you can allow yourself to be continually surprised by what lies around the corner.

It is also great to set out for day trips from Saltillo, there are many adventures awaiting you in the heart of nature.

You can tour the Sierra de Arteaga nature reserve, go rappelling down one of the walls of the San Lorenzo Canyon, play golf on the country’s highest course at 9,500 feet above sea level, or even go skiing on artificial snow.


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