Waterfalls, rivers, forests, caves and lakes abound amidst attractive villages

                               San-Luis Potosi


Located in the center of Mexico, San Luis Potosi offers contrasting climates, geographies, cultural legacies, and traditions–all making this state a colorful and attractive mosaic.

San Luis Potosi boasts an extravagant natural wealth, offering activities as varied as mountaineering, rappelling, hiking,  viewing wildlife and nature, and even diving. Visitors to areas such as the Huasteca can revel in the natural splendor of waterfalls, rivers, ecological reserves, woods, mountains, caves, and lakes. One popular lake, Laguna de la Media Luna, is located in Rioverde, the fifth largest city in this state. The lake gets its name for having the shape of a half moon.

The state’s rich mining tradition also leaves a unique architecture. Cities still retain the majesty of their golden days along with villages, buildings, and even former haciendas, which though no longer active, still  retain an air of mystery anda sense of legend. Speaking of legend, San Luis Potosi is one of the cities on the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro National Historic Trail. This Spanish Colonial “royal road,” ran from Santa Fe, New Mexico, down through Texas, and all the way to Mexico City.

The heritage of the different ethnic groups that first settled this region has been mixed and synthesized with the Spanish traditions, giving way to a vibrant folk culture.

From religious festivals to festivals that commemorate the state’s historical events, to crafts produced in materials as diverse as wood, wool, silk, and salt, the proud people who inhabit these lands do not hesitate to share the richness of their culture with visitors. One example of this is Real de Catorce, a former mining town that is now part of the Pueblos Mágicos (“Magical Towns”) program.

The weather of San Luis Potosi is sure to please since the average temperature in the capital city is 64 degrees F (18 degrees C)  year-round. The state’s cuisine is unlikely to disappoint either. Based on maize, it morphs into all kinds of dishes with different colors and succulent flavors. San Luis Potosí is home to a centuries-old candy making tradition, which offers unique varieties of sweets. It is also where enchilada potosinas were created, which are really empanadas, but no matter what they really are, they are delicious.

Though cultural traditions are deeply rooted, San Luis Potosí is a modern state with a growing industrial base and plenty of options for cultural, artistic, and leisure entertainment to please even the most discriminating travelers.

Climate: Dry, semi-dry, and semi-humid
Temperature: 70°F / 21°C annual average
Location: Central Mexican lowlands
Area: 23,546 sq miles
Capital: San Luis Potosí

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