A vast state with beautiful landscapes, letting you enjoy the sea and the desert together

Situated in Northeastern Mexico, the state of Sonora is the country’s second largest in terms of area, making it home to a variety of ecosystems where you can enjoy a wealth of wonderful and contrasting natural landscapes that unite the desert and the ocean.

Divided into 72 municipalities, the state provides a wide variety of options when it comes to organizing your stay when you embark on your unforgettable adventure.

The mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental, the northern plains, the desert and the crystal waters of the Sea of Cortez create vistas where sandy beaches and winding mountain trails sit beside sweeping desert landscapes. All come together to create the perfect venue for ecotourism and extreme sports such as diving, hunting, mountaineering, mountain biking and fishing.

Guaymas, one of the region’s most important commercial ports, complements the grandeur of the Sonoran landscape with its comprehensive modern tourist infrastructure, which blends perfectly into the scenery of another major tourist destination, the San Carlos Bay, resting under the protective gaze of the Tetakawi mountain, whose unmistakable silhouette has become the region’s emblem.

The long Sonoran coastline also harbors beautiful spots such as Playa Miramar, Kino Bay and Puerto Peñasco, where the waters of the Gulf of California offer themselves for recreational activities and aquatic sports.

Alternatively, away from the coast, you can find El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve and the Gran Desierto del Pinacate (Gran Desierto de Altar) National Park, with its desert trails that take you climbing through a string of gigantic craters and a compact volcanic zone which is the habitat of a diversity of desert flora and fauna, notably the colossal Saguaro cactus, along with coyotes, hares, foxes, and even pumas, as well as myriad species of birds.

The state is still home to a number of ethnic groups such as the Cucapás, Ópatas, Seris and Yaquis, who keep the northern Mexican ancestral traditions and customs alive. This cultural versatility is reflected in the multiplicity of handcrafts and the well-stocked traditional recipe books that make Sonora a place to admire and to savor.

Climate: Dry and semi-dry
Temperature: 68°F / 22°C annual average
Location: Northeast Mexico
Surface area: 111,537 sq miles
Capital: Hermosillo

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