Escudo_TAB_Tapijulapa_Ac_tapijulapa2A doorway to the natural splendor and wealth of indigenous heritage and modern ways

If your ideal holiday mixes fun with a back-to-nature theme, you will find it in Tabasco. Tabasco holds a rich wealth of ecosystems, mountain scenery, forests, marshes and rivers where you can enjoy a great variety of activities. Among the many ways to explore Tabasco’s diverse ecosystems are birdwatching, trekking, mountaineering, camping, hiking, and rafting. With many natural protected areas, the landscapes of Tabasco are colorful, generous and joyful, always full of life and natural inspiration. You can enjoy observing native plants and animals – including endangered species – in many different regions and environments in Tabasco, in exotic, interesting locales.

Tabasco is rich not only in its wealth of flora and fauna, but also in the traditions and identities of the people who call it home. Their traditional fiestas have deep roots in pre-Hispanic customs, giving these celebrations a profound mysticism and a magical aura that fascinates anyone who has the opportunity to witness them. Tabasco is a fusion of new and old, making it an intriguing place to explore.

The modern architecture of the capital contrasts with the state’s famous Mayan and Olmec archeological ruins. You can visit a modern interactive children’s museum, followed by a beautiful ancient settlement, a historic ancestral ceremonial and civic center, or a nature park full of monoliths carved centuries ago by lost civilizations. The inhabitants of today are very proud and conscious of their traditional ethnic origins, which is reflected in many ways, such as their original cuisine and handicrafts.

Although the capital is growing every day, the center of the city retains a historic atmosphere. The capital city has become a home to an increasing variety of recreational activities and businesses of all types, which welcome every traveler who visits this generous state.

Climate: Warm and humid
Temperature: 81 ºF / 27 ºC annual average
Location: Southeastern Mexico
Area: 9,551 sq miles
Capital: Villahermosa

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