A place of crafts, mining tradition and great colonial wealth

The city of Taxco, one of Mexico’s main tourist destinations to the north of the state of Guerrero, is surrounded by hills and mountains, which gives it a complex topography.

The name of this exceptional city comes from the Nahuatl Tlachco, meaning “the place of the ball game.” With time, the name was changed to Taxco of Alarcon, in honor of its famous prodigal son Juan Ruiz de Alarcón, a playwright born here in the sixteenth century.

As one of the most important mining centers of New Spain, Taxco is synonymous with silverware. For anyone in the market to purchase Taxco silver jewelry or anything made from Taxco Mexican silver, the choices are numerous.

Taxco is a designated Pueblo Magico or Magical Town, due in large part to its beautiful colonial architecture as well as its dramatic landscapes and cultural traditions. Its cobblestone streets climb up and down the hilly terrain, and its small, pretty squares will enchant.

As with any other high-up city, Taxco has impressive lookout points or miradores. However, the best option to view the beauty of its streets is from up above in a cable car, which offers a unique view of the town from a height of 568 feet.  One of the well-known Taxco hotels, the Monte Taxco Hotel, is located up the mountainside and only reachable by cable car. Dine in the hotel’s restaurant and enjoy the views of Taxco.

One important natural site, known to spelunkers the world over, is the Grutas (Caverns) de Cacahuamilpa National Park. This is one of the largest cave systems in the world, extending through several municipalities, including Taxco.Tasting Taxco’s cuisine is also a unique experience. It offers an impressive variety, ranging from delicious soups to exotic insects, such as jumiles.

The jumil is so central to the regional cuisine that the Jumil Fair was created, which is held every October. Also, several restaurants have a menu offering dishes that mix traditional recipes with contemporary cooking trends.

Taxco is also known worldwide for its celebration of Holy Week–the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Its processions and ceremonies are many and elaborate. Ten major processions take place during Holy Week, some dating back to at least 1622.

The combination of its colonial past, the kindness of its people, and the tradition of its craftsmen and women, who generation after generation have created pieces of marvelous designs, renowned worldwide, make this an unforgettable place. The many charms of Taxco offer a cultural experience hard to come by anywhere else.


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