A small town full of legends and traditions, with a humid climate and spectacular mountain backdrop

Nestled in a beautiful valley just 45 miles from Mexico City in the state of Morelos, Tepoztlán is a lively and enigmatic town with many traditions, and has been listed as one of Mexico’s Pueblos Mágicos (“Magical Villages”). The remnants of its pre-Hispanic past give Tepoztlán its cultural and historical importance.

The Tepozteco hill is one of the main tourist attractions – the pyramid at its peak was built in honor of the god Ometochtli-Tepuztécatl, the deity of fertility and the harvest.

A climb up to the pyramid on the steep paths is a real challenge. But despite the difficulty and altitude, entire families still manage to reach the summit overlooking the surrounding landscape.

The area’s forest climate and geographical features make it a great adventure destination, offering extreme sports such as rappelling, parachuting, and mountain biking – even hot air balloon rides.

Visitors are welcomed with delicious snacks of tamales, itacates and tlacoyos on sale at stalls at the foot of the hill of the Tepozteco hill – a symbol of this close-knit community that is proud of its culture and increasingly popular among city folk seeking a change of scenery.

The Carnival is one of Tepoztlán’s biggest fiestas, a traditional event when the town is filled with chinelos bouncing to the beat of a tambora drum in the “Brinco del Chinelo” dance, wearing costumes that satirize the appearance of the Spanish and pretending to be puppets on strings. As they dance and jump around to the music, onlookers are invited to drink refino, a potent spirit from the agave plant.

Tepoztlán has a range of accommodation in cabañas, hotels or camp sites. These will cater to every taste and each will guarantee that guests enjoy this piece of paradise where wonderful shapes are formed on the surrounding cliffs by the first rays of sunlight each day.

Spa, temazcales (traditional pre-Hispanic steam baths), and shamanic cures are all on the menu for spiritual visitors to relax in a state of pure contemplation and oneness with nature.


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