City of Arcades, Industry and History

The Central Mexican Plateau is home to one of the most peaceful cities in Mexico, Toluca. It had a torturous past when it was conquered by the Aztecs, followed by a glorious industrial renaissance at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Toluca is famous for Los Portales, a monumental set of arches completed in the nineteenth century. It is also known for its Cathedral, which is an excellent architectural representation of the Neo-classical style.

Toluca was declared a city in 1677 and in 1831 was designated the capital of the State of Mexico. Its name comes from the Nahuatl Tollocan, which means “Place of Tolo”.

Currently, it is an important industrial center and is home to several national and international companies.

The incessant financial activity that characterizes Toluca fades into the background when it comes to tourism. The municipalities unveil scenic forests, like the Bosencheve National Park, or volcanoes, like the Nevado de Toluca National Park. It also boasts pre-Hispanic cities built by the area’s first inhabitants, the Matlatzincas.

In terms of cuisine, a large variety of herbs are grown in the State of Mexico that were served as delicacies to the Aztec rulers. Today, they accompany succulent pork and beef dishes. Chorizo is another local specialty; these flavorful sausages are prepared with different ingredients and are prized around the country.

Toluca also has a distinguished musical culture, because the Music Conservatory of the State of Mexico was founded here. It is home to the Toluca Philharmonic Orchestra, the State of Mexico Symphony Orchestra and the Municipality Symphony Orchestra.

Its pre-Hispanic past, cuisine and friendly residents make Toluca a great place to come and dream.


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