This port, full of folklore and rejoicing, moves to the rhythm of danzón

Veracruz is where the Old World meets modern Mexico. Its festivities and coastal area are full of joy, celebration, and folklore of the Jarocho (a person, item, or musical style from Veracruz).

Where is Veracruz, Mexico? Fifty-six miles from the state capital Xalapa and 250 miles from Mexico City, the port of Veracruz offers tours through sub-tropical landscapes with rivers, mountains, and trails.

Extreme sports and ecotourism are some of the state’s biggest attractions, with rafting coming in first place. The Veracruz region is also ideal for camping, climbing, zip lining, rappelling, scuba diving, walking, and hiking.

Veracruz tours awaken emotion and provoke nostalgia when strolling through its streets with monuments and gardens steeped in history. This is where people dance proudly to danzón, displaying their best moves to the sound of a band rooted in Mexican and Cuban traditions.

If it is rhythm you seek, the Veracruz Carnival is celebrated annually, with a panache that places it on the world stage. It is the most cheerful, colorful, and popular festival Mexico has to offer.

Among the port’s main attractions are buildings of all styles and types, such as the San Juan de Ulúa Fort, Agústin Lara House Museum, and Aquarium. Try the traditional coffee at Los Portales. Veracruz is famous for its high-quality coffee, and it is a great source of local pride. 

The delicious cuisine of Veracruz, promoted in fine restaurants throughout Mexico, has its place in this mix. A culinary fusion of Spanish spices and exotic Olmec cuisine makes for fine dishes, many of which are prepared with seafood such as red snapper Veracruz-style with capers, olives, bay leaves, tomato, onion, pepper, and salt.

Tourist services and hotels in Veracruz offer tremendous variety, from small boutique hotels with breakfast provided to grand five-star hotels.

Situated in the ancient Totonacapan region, Veracruz displays its pre-Hispanic heritage well. Every March, El Tajin, site of an important ancient city, is the venue for cultural events including music, dancing, and rituals. Veracruz is also near Córdoba, Veracruz, known for its main square designed in the traditional Spanish layout with a church on the east, city hall on the west, and commercial establishments on the north and south sides.

History, adventure, and harmony with nature are the main attractions in the port city of Veracruz, Mexico.


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    Bright, festive colors and the scent of fresh coffee typify the lands of this state steeped in deeply rooted traditions

    Veracruz, bathed by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, is located in the eastern part of Mexico. It  thrives as a symbol of the country’s culture and history, outstanding for its abundant natural wealth and lands filled with history and the of aroma of coffee.

    The state is divided into seven regions, each boasting a unique environment and ecosystem. Visitors are lured by the opportunity to have a good time by just relaxing or by trying the many adventurous activities offered throughout its verdant lands, such as diving, snorkeling, camping, kayaking, fishing, hiking, and river rafting.

    Visitors seeking peace and tranquility often head to La Antigua and Tierra Blanca. Tradition and colorful folklore are the specialties of Tecolutla and Papantla, as well as the two Pueblos Mágicos (“Magical Villages”) of Tlacotalpan and Coatepec. Finally, the mystical landscape of Catemaco and the splendor of the Citlaltépetl volcano, also known as the Pico de Orizaba, provide visitors with unforgettable experiences.

    Food and music blend harmoniously, nourished by the rich cultural life found in every nook and corner of Veracruz. While here, visitors encounter the magic in all of the state’s cities and monuments and become witnesses to the area’s rich and dramatic history.

    There is much to see in Veracruz: from the historic forts such as San Juan de Ulúa and the bastion of Santiago, to the ancient buildings that house the Civil Registry, the Palacio del Gobierno (City Hall) and Venustiano Carranza Lighthouse, to the archeological sites and the state’s modern and impressive aquarium.

    The wonders of Veracruz can also be savored through the local cuisine, a sumptuous offering of delicious dishes based on the extraordinary ingredients found locally.

    Black and white, sweet gorditas and picadas, varied ingredients wrapped in tortillas; Verzcruz-style scrambled eggs; mondongo a la veracruzana, tripe à la Veracruz; arroz a la tumbada, rice cooked in fish broth; pescado escabeche, marinated fish; pulpos en su tinta, octopus cooked in ink sauce; and different varieties of tamales are the main offerings of the diverse local cuisine.

    The highlight of Veracruz’s festivals is the celebration of the Virgin of Candelaria and her followers, held in Tlacotalpan, though its spectacular Carnival is also well-known. Every day of the year the state also offers an impressive folk art, inspired by the colorful and extraordinary surroundings.

    Climate:  Warm and humid
    Average Temperature:  73° F/23° C
    Location:  Eastern Mexico, on the Gulf of Mexico
    Area:  44,627 sq. miles
    Capital:  Xalapa Enríquez

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