Live music, food, nature, modernity and history live in the capital of Veracruz

Escudo_Xalapa_XalapaMainSituated in the foothills of Macuiltépetl, 220 miles from Mexico City and surrounded by cloud-covered forests, the capital of Veracruz is an unforgettable travel destination. Xalapa Enríquez, its official name, is continually covered by mist, giving it a mystical atmosphere and inspiring countless legends, which visitors are sure to discover when exploring its alleys and around the historic center’s monuments.

Xalapa, known as the “Athens of Veracruz,” is strongly influenced by its major university, Universidad Veracruzana, an important educational center for music, theater, dance, the visual arts, and other art forms.

Xalapa is also an important culinary center. Strolling along its narrow and culturally vibrant streets is a pleasurable experience, in part because of the high-quality coffee produced here. Its aroma continually wafts into the air along with the melodies of street musicians. Other typical beverages include torito, a local liquor made from evaporated milk and sugar cane. And the traditional handmade candies are a treat. A favorite pastime is to savor the afternoon breezes by sitting in a park or outdoor café, where the local drinks and sweets can be sampled.

The city is also known for its gardens and parks, which remain green and vibrant thanks to the area’s humidity. Hotels in Xalapa benefit from this weather, with most of them situated among beautiful vegetation.

In colonial times, Xalapa was a key trading post linking Europe, the Caribbean, and New Spain. In addition to its colonial significance, the city simply explodes with traditions and celebrations.

The Museo de Antropología de Xalapa is the second largest in the country. And visitors can also tour the Haciendas El Lencero, Coatepec, Xico, and Jalcomulco, which offer good food and adventure.

A city with many faces, Xalapa, Veracruz, deserves a leisurely pace to truly enjoy the attractions, whether going to museums and concerts, or following architectural trails and dropping in on craft markets.


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